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October 6, 2017

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Alberta Sequeira


Alcohol Rehab Guide

July 2, 2017

carly johnson

Alcohol Rehab Guide is an organization that provides comprehensive, reliable information on the various aspects of alcohol abuse and addiction. We offer support and guidance for those who are struggling, as well as their parents, family members, friends, and community members. The World Health Organization estimates that approximately 3.3 million people die each year from alcohol abuse. Our goal is to provide helpful information to as many people as possible on alcohol abuse, addiction, and recovery options.

About Us
Alcohol Rehab Guide (ARG) is an organization that provides comprehensive, reliable information on the various aspects of alcohol abuse and addiction. We offer support and guidance for those who are struggling, as well as their parents, family members, friends, health workers and community members.
ARG is owned and funded by Recovery Worldwide, LLC, an organization that delivers web-based information on health and mental health-related topics. While we are not a treatment facility, we work with a wide range of healthcare professionals and recovery programs.
ARG is dedicated to helping people overcome alcoholism and achieve long-term sobriety. Our team is made up of individuals who have personal experience with alcohol addiction, and understand the importance of delivering top-notch resources and information. That was our inspiration. ARG aims to educate people on the dangers of alcohol addiction and guide them or their loved one into a treatment program.

The ARG team strives to raise awareness about those most susceptible to alcohol abuse: adolescents, college students, adults, individuals with mental health disorders and veterans. Roughly 240 million people around the globe are dependent on alcohol. Our goal is to help reduce the number of individuals affected by the dangers of alcohol abuse. If you’re ready to seek help for alcoholism, we’re here to help. Get in touch with us today to start on your journey to a lasting recovery.

Our Privacy Policy
ARG is dedicated to providing the latest information and news about alcohol recovery services and treatment options. We are committed to helping those in need, regardless of age, gender identity, race or financial status.
When you reach out to ARG, our team will walk you through every step of the recovery process and answer any questions you may have. We assist you in exploring different types of treatment programs and finding the right facility based off of your needs. ARG understands the sensitive nature of recovery and will always keep your identity and personal information confidential.

Our Team
The ARG team is comprised of professionals who are dedicated to helping individuals or their loved ones overcome alcohol abuse. We provide in-depth information about the harmful effects of alcohol, as well as recovery services available to those looking to overcome their addiction.

Carly JohnsonCarly Johnson
Community Outreach Manager

Carly Johnson is the Community Outreach Manager for Alcohol Rehab Guide. Her main focus is to make sure that those who are struggling with addiction find a treatment center that will get them the help they need. Carly’s passion for helping addiction sufferers began after she watched her cousin lose her life from alcohol abuse and has seen numerous friends and family struggle through addiction. Carly is currently a senior at the Rosen College of Hospitality at the University of Central Florida who enjoys traveling, hanging out with friends, and attending concerts.
Call now for treatment help

We can help you find the best treatment program for your needs, location and budget. Most insurances accepted.

Learn about your treatment options

Don’t let alcohol ruin your life. Find out how to get into detox, rehab or counseling.

Our Pledge to You
ARG encourages people to seek treatment for alcohol abuse. By providing essential information about the dangers associated with alcohol, ARG educates individuals about living a healthy, alcohol-free life. Our team understands that choosing to overcome an alcohol addiction is one of the most important decisions a person will ever have to make. That’s why we’re here to give you the knowledge you need in taking the next steps in your recovery.
The ARG team is committed to delivering relevant, accurate content that is easy to understand. Every page is reviewed and goes through a detailed, fact-checking process before it is published. This is to ensure that we provide individuals with the most up-to-date information from top-rated resources.
ARG is an independent venture that is solely meant to help those struggling with alcohol abuse or addiction. Our independence allows us to provide content that is most important to our readers, not an affiliated organization. We recognize that staying independent is necessary to best serve our community now and in the future.

Contact Us
Your journey to lasting sobriety is a life-changing decision. The ARG team understands that recovery continues long after a person leaves rehab. By choosing to seek treatment, you’re investing in a better tomorrow for yourself and those you love.

You’re not alone on your road to recovery. We’re with you every step of the way. If you come across any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact someone on our team. Get in touch with us using the information provided below.

Alcohol Rehab Guide
121 South Orange Avenue, Suite 1450
Orlando, FL 32801

Alberta Sequeira

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Substance Abuse Everywhere

June 11, 2017


Al and I just returned from Santa Rosa, California. During that time, we met and spoke with many families and couples. It’s sad to hear how many have lost or are fighting to hold onto their family unit and the addicted member.

I would love to hear or read that the amount of deaths from this horrible world-wide disease is going down but it seems to get larger in numbers.

In October, I will soon be speaking to the men and woman inmates at the Bristol County Jail in Dartmouth, Massachusetts. This will be my first experience entering a jail. Sad that substance abusers have to be behind bars for their addiction.

jail cell

The reason for their arrests shows what addiction to alcohol or drugs too long can do to a person. I’ll list a few reasons a person high on either gets jailed: drunk driving, domestic abuse, killings, rape, child abuse, or from disturbing the peace. Many more reasons could be added to the list.

If only the addicted would look into their hearts and face the mirror and admit they have a problem and get help. The recovery steps sound so easy to the nonalcoholic.

Getting off any habit that will kill is not easy, including throwing out the last cigarette forever. June 4, 2017, my twin brother, Albert, died from years of smoking. In 1990, he had been saved by a doctor from the Mass General Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts from his first lung cancer after they were ready to take his voice box out. The addiction, and his mindset, didn’t stop him from going right back to his habit until the cancer returned and twenty-seven years later, the smoking finally killed him.

Addiction to any habit is not easy to overcome…but it can be depending on the will of the person addicted to get well and beat the system. Not many.

With losing my husband, Richard, and my daughter, Lori, I truly believe the number one problem was not being able to admit to being an alcoholic. Second, they both would not talk to a counselor about their past and get what I call the garbage out of them. Third, their past hurts and abuse were kept deep within them and they had no strength or courage to talk about emotions.

To all substance abusers—–there is nothing wrong with you than having a disease or habit you can’t break. It takes more for a person to say they need help than the ones staying on the path of destruction.

I am a heart patient with my third pacemaker and have diabetes. Sounds like noting to the addicted, but it is. I have to get enough sleep, keep the stress level down stay away from caffeine and get plenty of exercise for the heart. As for the diabetes, I can’t enjoy the pleasure of sweets, pray not to get an injury to my foot or leg, take Coumadin and have to watch for bleeding, I take medicine for both problems and watch which foods interact with the heart and diabetes. I want to live, and live healthy, so I try to stay aware of my actions. Honestly, it sucks!

Let me put it this way to an addict reading this: what if you were in a car accident, and the doctor said, “I’m sorry, but you will never be able to move anything below your neck, walk and will have to be feed and changed the rest or your life”…or, you have been suffering with pain and had to go through medical tests to only find out you are in stage 5 with cancer and have two months to live.

These people can’t do a thing to change their lives. YOU CAN! It takes guts, determination and hard work to reach recovery. Only you can do it. Going back to the same friends who use or meet that drug dealer around the corner is easier than fighting to get sober and clean. If I could have crawled into my daughter’s body to do the work, I would have, but it was all up to her to do the work.

Losing a loved one, or more, from alcohol or drug abuse is a loss a family member can’t explain, because in our eyes, we saw the light to recovery with professional help and family counseling, but the addicted fear the changes and lose faith in themselves. Making changes can be more painful to them and staying in the sick familiar life seems easier.

We HAVE to teach children from first grade up about addiction to over-eating, smoking, and alcohol and drug abuse. In my book What is and isn’t Working for the Alcoholic and Addict, all 34 contributors talk about their usage and damage it did before they recovered. Two women open up about being 5 and 7 years old starting with consuming alcohol watching their parents.

Our children are not ignorant to the bad habits I mentioned. We as parents and teachers should be making this an everyday topic at home and in class. THIS might be the miracle to stop this spread of death.

Alberta Sequeira
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The Pain of a Drug Addict

May 27, 2017

Words for Support

March 29, 2017


Getting out of Denial

March 23, 2017


What scares you of being sober?

December 14, 2015


Why are you scared? Name one good healthy thing that’s good with addiction, besides using it as a crutch for something.

What frightens you? Is it because it’s hard work? Do you think too much is expected of you? Stop trying to be someone else. Be yourself. Are you afraid of failure? Who isn’t? So you fail. You get up again. If it was easy to reach a goal, everyone would do it.

Do you miss your family? They are waiting for you to come to them. You left a gap in their lives. You are loved more than you realize. Remember always that it’s not you they hate; it’s the alcohol and drug abuse that has a hold on you. They don’t know how to help you. Join together as a family with a counselor. Get your hurts and pain out.

Afraid of being sober? At least you will be aware of what is happening in your life and being in control of it. Life is not easy even being sober. It’s what we want and how we go for it.

Can’t handle emotions? Crying, whether with men or women, is healthy. That’s why God gave them to us. It releases stress holding us back and heals our souls. Crying gives us the relief to go on trying.

What is the worse that can happen to you being sober? Lost family? Prove you will be healthy and they may surprise you. This is a family disease. It affects all members. Even the sober ones are mentally and physically sick. Lean on each other.

Can’t forgive? Why? Holding in the resentments, holds you from recovery. Anyone who hurt you was more sick than you. Holding onto not forgiving is useless. Why? They may not even know you are mad at them, or if they do, they don’t care. Why keep yourself in a confused life with addiction over them. Let go and let God handle the situation. Holding hate and resentment is another sickness. Don’t add to your drinking and drug problems.

Worry Get professional counseling..for you. Stay away from your friends who use..for you. Stay as far away from the drug dealer..for you. This is the time to do every action to recovery…for you. Forget pleasing the family, impressing friends, going because the court ordered it. Do it for you!

Open your heart and ears and listen to the doctors and counselors who care. Don’t fight their help. Take the blinders off and see who you became and fight to get you back. Being hook on addiction doesn’t make you a bad person. A high percentage of us go down the wrong path with the wrong crowd.

You don’t need to “fit in.” You need to find who you are and be happy being you.

Last of all; turn back to God. He will always be there for you no matter how often you fail or fall. He will love you no matter who you became. It’s us who close our hearts to Him. He sits and waits for us to return since he gave us a free will to choose our life. He gives us choices.

Alberta Sequeira

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