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May 14, 2018


It’s my favorite thing in the world to hear from fans:


Reaching the Addicted

May 14, 2018


This is my interview with Sheriff Thomas Hodgson from The Bristol County Correctional office at 400 Faunce Corner, North Dartmouth, Massachusetts. The first half hour is about my life with the last half hours talking to the women inmates at the jail.

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Blessing with someone’s death

May 6, 2018

I realize this blog is on substance abuse, but I’d like to talk about why I wrote my very first book A Spiritual Renewal; A Journey to Medjugorje.

Spiritual Renwal

This is not a book just for women. It’s about my not taking advantage of getting to know my father, Albert L. Gramm, before he died in 1990. He was a retired Brigadier General in the Army and served in the 26th Yankee Division becoming one of their commanding offices during WWII, fighting in some famous battles like; Metz, Lorraine and The Battle of the Bulge. Yes, so many of us let our parent’s lives go with them when they leave this world. We forget they were young at one time.

I watched my father die slowly from cancer at eighty years old as he laid in his bed each day. I unexpectedly called in work on a Monday morning stating I was taking two weeks off to spend my last moments with him. Since I handled the largest account of the company, my manager was upset with no replacement that day. At the time, my need to be with Dad was stronger than leaving him. If they let me go, I felt secure that another job could be found.

He lived with my mother, my brother and his wife, in South Dennis, Massachusetts, located down the Cape Cod area. They both lived for years in East Falmouth, Massachusetts. The morning of his death, Cathy Valeriani, Vice President of the Ashumet Valley Property Owners, Inc. came to tell him, they were naming the main entrance parcel of Ashumet Vally to be known as the AL GRAMM PARK. The location is at the corner of Route 151 on Nathan Ellis Highway and Fordham Road in East Falmouth. You can’t miss the tall American flag flying at the large stone. Chathi arrived around 10am and Dad passed at 5am that morning. He never heard the news.

Lucky I did not go to work Monday, because the following Friday, when I would have been returning, my father passed. I would have been at work. Instead, I stayed with him before being taken to the funeral home.

I had many blessing before his left us. He gave me a special gift opening his eyes the last time while I faced him in the rocker staring at him. His warm, lovable smile went through my heart like a flame and has stayed burnt in it since he left. Thinking back to him showing me his love with that grin, still melts my heart. It brings a smile to my face.

I watched him holding his rosaries every day and night trying to concentrate as he said them. My sister, Leona, asked if he wanted us to say them for him. I never in my life learned the rosary. We are all given them at our First Holy Communion. How many know how to say them? Here I was at 42 years old not knowing this beautiful prayer. I said them along with my sister and two sister-in-laws. I learned that this prayer was about the lives of Jesus and his loving mother, Mary.

Leona gave me his beads when he died. He had them his whole life and placed them in his pant’s pocket wherever he went during the war to say them. He promised Our Lady that if she got him home safe to his family, he would say them until his death. He was struggling to keep that promise dying in bed.

His death was a gift to me, because I had left the Church for 15 years from being bitter that God had deserted me while I tried to hold my family together with an alcoholic husband and two daughters. At the time of my father’s death, I realized I not only needed God back in my life, but that I wanted Him. Opening up my heart to God, made me see that it wasn’t God that left me, I left Him. I shut the door on Him.

I had choices living in fear, confusion and abuse with alcoholism in our family. Instead of leaving and keeping the girls safe, I became a great enabler for over fourteen years, damaging my daughter, Lori. If I hadn’t had God in my life, I would have not survived her death or my husbands from this worldwide problem.

I took their deaths and made them into books. In this one, I show how God became my life. We will never know why He takes our loved ones, especially the young. We have to wait until He calls us. I wrote about Richie and Lori’s life ending with the conclusion written by 34 alcoholics and addicts about what we are missing as family to work together for them to desire the want to recover.

This is a book of love, family, death, God, and having our faith return. It doesn’t matter what your religion is that you practice. We are His children.

The book and the others can be purchased at

It’s a wonderful book to give as a gift to someone in the hospital, sick, dying, someone who has lost their way, or one for you to open your heart to reality….We are here for a short time. Love each other each day! We never know when God will knock on our doors.

Alberta Sequeira

Books by Alberta

May 2, 2018

Purchase at

1. A Spiritual Renewal: A Journey to Medjugorje

About my father, Brigadier General, Albert L. Gramm, once a commanding officer to the 26th Yankee Division during WWII. He fought in Metz, Lorraine and The Battle of the Bulge. After his death in 1990, I take a ten-day pilgrimage to Medjugorje in Bosnia, to witness apparitions with visionaries with Our Lady and realize I didn’t go for my father, but to gain back my faith in God.

2. Someone Stop This Merry-Go-Round; An Alcoholic Family in Crisis:

Someone Stop This Merry-Go-Round

About my life living behind closed door with an alcoholic husband, Richie Lopes, with too much enabling bringing him deeper into his addiction. Our two daughters lived in fear, confusion and watched my abuse. It’s about what I would have changed back then, if I could have.

3. The Sequel, Please, God, Not Two: This Killer Called Alcoholism

Please, God, Not Two

About the demon returning to grab onto my daughter, Lori, and take her life in 2006 from the same addiction as her father. I also write my talks into the book.

4. What is and isn’t Working for the Alcoholic and Addict; In Their Own Words


This is a photo of a glass of alcohol and a drugs isolated on a white background. There is a clipping path included with this file.Click on the links below to view lightboxes.

I wanted answers to what the addicted needed from us to help them and what they were experiencing with emotions. Thirty-four alcoholics, drug and prescription users wrote what they need from us to desire the recovery. What we are doing wrong.

Summertime drinking

April 19, 2018


Yes, summertime brings more outside fun. Your energy is up and the desire to get high. Excuses for having the drinks, drugs or continuing with the over-use of prescriptions.

Why do you need liquor or drugs to get high with friends and life? Do you realize it is killing your brain cells? It’s slowly smothering your liver, kidneys, heart, anything your blood vessels are flowing through.

God didn’t make our human bodies for absorbing these killers including cigarette smoke. I just lost a twin brother, Albert, June 4, 2017 from smoking.


You can do and have anything in life but the above. No one thinks your life is going to end using. You’re different, you think. REALLY? That’s what I thought when my husband, Richie, and my daughter, Lori, used. Their not going to die from it. It’s a stage. They’ll give it up.

I heard about loved ones dying from alcohol and drugs. But, not our family. We’re different. REALLY? None of us have a protective bubble around us.

Those who have loved ones under 18 years old and it’s way out of hand; drag them out of school and commit them to a rehab. Better they hate you than you burying them. If they are older, make demands. Don’t become the enabler. Don’t think it’s a stage. When using causes problems, it’s a problem.

DON’T WAIT until it’s too late!!!

Alberta Sequeira

Never Give Up!

April 14, 2018


What do I gain being sober?

January 19, 2018


Everyone wants something out of life, especially changes. When you get over the shakes, panic attacks, and suffering giving up your using, don’t you feel you see the recover around the corner?

Don’t you see things more clearly? Is your depression better? Do you have hope?

The mending is the worse part. Easy for me to say and hard for you to do.

Being off drugs and alcohol has you more aware what is happening to you and around you. Before you didn’t care what even happened. Now, healing is dealing with the fears. You are no longer running away from the truth where your life was heading.

Stay sober a little longer and you will see and feel the benefits. I promise.

Sobriety is life. You may not like it, but it will let you live to see your family grow and have your dreams come true.

Alberta Sequeira

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