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How children feel with alcoholic parents

June 11, 2017

Book cover change!

June 4, 2017

Hello all,

I decided to change the cover of my book What is and isn’t Working for the Alcoholic and Addict. Create Space should have it available by the end of this week.

Old cover:


New Cover Coming:

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Half-drunk is just as dangerous as whole drunk!

May 27, 2017

drunk driver

Taken from the June issue, Vol. 21/No. 6: The South Coast Insider

WHEN YOU READ BETWEEN THE LINES, “demon rum” alcohol is a contributing factor n many cases of accidental injury and death, whether it’s when someone’s driving a car or a boat, smoking in bed, or just plain acting stupid. Like diving off a cliff because of a dare, setting off firecrackers in the garage, or climbing onto someone’s roof (or into someone’s bedroom) after a bout of group binge-drinking in the summertime.

Here’s a sobering statistic: alcohol is involved in 50% of all male teenager drownings, never-mind car accidents.

A half-drunk person is just an accident looking for a place to happen, oftentimes with serious collateral damage. A tipsy person’s sense of balance is obviously shot. Their neural reaction time, social inhibitions, attention span, and critical judgment skills are seriously impaired, even if they’re not “legally drunk.” They’re not fit to look after themselves, never mind keep an eye on the kiddies.

Friends don’t let friends drive drunk, that’s true. But rely good friends don”t let half-drunk friends handle the matches and lighter fluid at the Fourth of July family BBQ, or oversee the children’s entertainment at the beachside clambake. Don’t just be the “designated driver” when your friend or spouse has a buzz on and wants to drive-be the ‘designated adult in the room” and keep an eye on them and out of harm’s way, just as you would with kids on a sugar high at a birthday party.


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Alberta Sequeira


Al-Anon with a talk with the effect on children with parents’s drinking

May 13, 2017

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Words for Support

March 29, 2017

Don't give up the dream

Me—an Author?

March 26, 2017

NB Book Festival

It’s amazing how we don’t realize how tragedies may cause us to go in another direction in life. I wanted to be retired to travel to beautiful, tropical islands. God had other plans for me.

I had no intensions of being an author or speaker on alcohol abuse, until I lost my husband, Richard, and my daughter, Lori, from their addiction. Losing them gave me the desire to share my enabling and wrong decisions with handling problems as a family with substance abuse. I wanted to talk about what I should have done more than just tell my stories. My books are not memoirs as much as books of lessons.

Alberta Sequeira

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Getting out of Denial

March 23, 2017


“Pain unwraps us; it opens us up and shows us how empty and helpless we are without God and his goodness.”
Lauren Scruggs, Model

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