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I’m available to speak to your patients privately or to any organization, association, club, or any location needing an honest talk to the substance abuser, the family member or anyone who loves the person suffering from their addiction. I welcome your email for a quote.


Endorsements from Women and Men Inmates 

at the Bristol County Corrections in Dartmouth, MA

*****Names are withheld from Prisons.

Thank You so much.  May God always bless you and everyone else you hold close to your heart.

Very touching. Touched home. Almost cried.

Mrs. Sequeira was very clear and impacted my mental and recovery for the better and can relate to her whole story ad especially the things at home she went through with family.

Came late but from what I heard, her message at the end was good.

I thought the presentation was great. Her words hit me in the heart and made me take a long hard look at my own situation. Thank you for sharing your experience.

She is well spoken and hits home. 

It was an amazing presentation and a good speech. Thank You!

It was a pleasure. Thanks for coming.

It was a pleasure to hear about these things from a mother/wife perspective.

Endorsements for Speaking Engagements

Ms. Sequeira shared her story of losing her husband and especially her daughter, Lori, at the “Joy of Providence prayer breakfast” at the Providence Marriott Hotel in Rhode Island.  We are the Magnificat, a Catholic Women’s Ministry of Providence.  Her speech was beautiful, powerful and a moving story that touched so many of us today.Louise, Margo, Pat, Arlene and Midge ~ The Magnificat Service Team

Ms. Sequeira is a very inspiring speaker, who shared her heartfelt and painful journey of faith and renewal as she dealt with the overwhelming and disastrous effects of alcoholism on her whole family.  Alberta was a featured speaker at our Magnificat, “Joy of Boston prayer Breakfast.” We are an international interdenominational Catholic Ministry.  Ms. Sequeira was recommended to us by the Rhode Island Chapter of the Magnificat after she had spoken at their location. ~ Patricia J. Waterman, Medway, MA.

Alberta’s faith and family support, especially from her husband, Al, gives her the strength to not only write to educate readers but she has become a public speaker about this terrifying, deadly disease.  Alberta and her immediate and extended family believe that communication, and knowledge about this disease, persistency and love are essential in the fight against alcoholism. ~ Cheryl A. Heindrichs

What Will Readers Get from Reading Alberta’s Books on Alcohol & Drug Addiction

I wrote two serious books on Alcohol and drug Abuse.  My reason was from losing a husband and grown daughter to theirs own addiction. I had no knowledge of alcoholism and wanted to share what I would have done today differently.  With Someone Stop This Merry-Go-Round you will learn:  
1. How enabling only brings the substance abuser deeper into their addiction.
2. How fights only makes a distance between you both.  Listening is more loving and may pull you together. 
3. The silent treatment only pushes the problem in the background.
4.  Don't make threats you can't keep.
5.  allowing the action to go on too long, blackout can start. 
6. How to leave safely without putting your life in danger

Book Two: Please, God, Not Two
1. Your child starts hanging out with new friends
2. Skipping school
3. It can be a family disease
4. Getting them help before the age of 18 years old or they will be able to refuse help
5. Stop keeping the blinders on thinking it's a FAZE.
6. Don't believe in "They have to reach rock bottom: Richie and Lori's was their death
7. Get them help if they go kicking and hating you.  At least they will be alive

Both books show my action and what I should have done.  The sequel Please, God, Not Two, gives my talks behind closed doors to the substance abusers.  

I have the conclusion, a Narrative Nonfiction, to both books The Mindset of an Alcoholic and Addict: 34 Americans and Canadians Share Their Struggle with Alcohol and Drugs, hoping to find ana agent or publisher.  Hopefully, a publisher will believe in this book as writing and stories that will help many: doctors, counselors, family members, the substance abuser, and the public to understand what we all need to do to get the addict into recovery.
Contact me at Books can be purchased at

The Mindset of an Alcoholic and Addict

This book is now being updated and titled The Mindset of an Alcoholic and Addict. It’s with an agent looking for a publisher.

The first book was Someone Stop This Merry-Go-Round; An Alcoholic Family in Crisis about Richie’s death from drinking. The sequel is Please, God, Not Two; This Killer Called Alcoholism about losing my adult daughter, Lori, from alcohol and drugs.

These two books are available in Amazon at

The Mindset of an Alcoholic and Addict is the conclusion of the two above books written by 34 alcoholic and drug users from the USA and Canada.

Our Lives in Crisis

Come behind closed doors to the true story with the reality of alcohol abuse effecting the whole family. Too much enabling caused the conflicts, confusion, and fear leading up to physical abuse. Two young daughters witness scene that they never should have growing up. It’s the combination of loving the alcoholic and hating him.


Richie wasn’t violent when he came home after drinking, and we didn’t argue; of course, it helped since I didn’t make an issue of him not being home. When Debbie was a year old and past the infant stage, he felt comfortable taking her with him to see Vic and May at the vegetable stand. He loved showing her off.     

He never drank when he was home so we enjoyed good times on the weekends. He’d sit and watch Debbie amuse herself with her toys. At night, we’d cuddle on the couch with a huge bag of popcorn. The weekends were mine with him, and it was so relaxing with the three of us that I’d forget about the long and lonely week nights. 

When Mondays arrived, my stomach would be tied in knots. I could have played a recording instead of waiting for his call. Our normal supper hours went from 5:00 p.m. to sometimes ten at night. Debbie wanted to stay up and see Daddy, but it was always too late. I hated our life; we weren’t a family.  


Please, God, Not Two; This Killer Called Alcoholism

This is the sequel


Thinking back, it was another moment in my life that I wished I could have lived over. I should have sat with an arm around Lori telling her how much I loved her to give her assurance. I should have asked what she feared, what she felt, or what she needed and wanted from me. 

We needed to communicate. Instead, we sat on opposite chairs in the living room, in silence, watching television for hours. A day ago, I had heard that she didn’t feel close to me, and there I was sitting, making no effort to reach out to her and show her the complete love that I had for her. As unbelievable as it may sound, I was waiting for her to have the desire to reach out to me. I didn’t want to push her, but I should have. 

Oh, the mistakes we make in life in loving relationships. Everyone waits for the other to make a move. We let precious moments pass that would be better used showing the person how much love we really have for them. We are human beings who need to love and be loved to survive. A person living without these needs fulfilled can drown in depression and hopelessness. 

Both books are in paperback and Kindle. Go too

Thank you,

Alberta Sequeira

Is This Our Normal Life?

It’s unimaginable what has happened to the world from the Corona Virus. I used to watch the news with people from China wearing masks from the smog. I’d say to my husband, “I’m glad we don’t have to live like that.” Here we are doing the same, day after day, hoping for an end to all this. I go to bed at night and pray all people would wear a mask and get this under control. I can’t fathom why people are fighting doing something so simple. I hate wearing it myself, but if it saves someone, including myself, I’ll go on being aggravated wearing it.

January 30, 2021, Al and I got our first Pfizer shot. On February 20th, we received the second. There were no reactions. We still have to continue the usage of masks.

I miss going back to normal. I feel lost not giving speaking engagements, book signing, and teaching workshops for writers. Going privately to speak to the alcoholics and addicts behind doors. It’s the contact with people that made me feel alive.

We leave our doors for groceries and doctor appointments and return home At least, we are alive. I feel for the people who have died and their family members being left in shock.

On top of all this, our government is upside down with members acting like enemies to one another to both parties. It’s hard to believe they are adults. What happened to the country and its people? It’s like watching a circus.

Hopefully, I can put events on for writers soon.


A New Book in the Making

author with writing

There is no picture as of yet.  In February 2020, I was lucky to get an agent, Nancy Rosenfeld, owner and publisher of the  The Book Proposal was done by David Tabasky from NY.  The 60-page proposal has been sent out to 15 publishers.

The title is The Mindset of the Alcoholic and Addict. It’s written by 34 substance abusers from all walks of life living in the USA and Canada.  They are telling doctors, counselors, other alcoholics and drug users, family members, and the public what they feel works and doesn’t in their recovery programs.  They open up with enabling them so long that they go deeper into their addiction.  They’re frank with what we’re doing wrong to help them.


In order to make this book authentic and genuine, I went straight to the source––the alcohol and drug users who tell their stories here––raw and real––for all to see. These men and women, who come from all walks of life, share their thoughts and feelings on how they ended up addicted, why they believe recovery programs do and do not work, and how they eventually managed to give up their addictions and turn their lives around. They also provide advice to family members on what they need and how they can best help.

I am one of the family members, after losing my first husband and my adult daughter to the tragedy of addiction. Ever since their deaths, I have been plagued with questions.

What were they thinking and feeling and needing?

Why did they do it?

Why can some recover while others die?

It took me many years to figure out that I couldn’t save my loved ones and even longer to discover the adverse effects this trauma was having on me. I came to realize that I had to do whatever I could to help others in my position to find their path to healing without as much turmoil and suffering as I experienced.

I began my path to learning all I could about this disease, beginning with the three main reasons why addiction begins: genetics, peer pressure, and childhood trauma. This combination of neurological, sociological and psychological triggers provided me with the knowledge that led me to acceptance and peace of mind.

The Mindset of an Addict is my contribution to a larger effort we must make as a society to cure the ills of addiction––for the addicts and those who love them.

Think about it. We all know someone with an alcohol and/or drug problem. The data is staggering and shows no signs of concrete improvement. Sadly, there is a growing audience for a book on this subject and I know from first-hand experience how much I wish a book like this had existed years ago when I needed it most.

I’ll try to add information about the contents.

Alberta Sequeira

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