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Who is Alberta Sequeira?

May 15, 2019


I was born and raised in Pocasset, Massachusetts, before the official line entering Cape Cod. I came unexpectedly twenty-minutes after my brother arrived.

My parents Brigadier General, Albert and Sophie Gramm traveled all over the states during my father’s military life. He fought during WWII as one of the commanding officers for the 26th Yankee Division. Fought in Metz, Lorraine and The Battle of the Bulge.

I met and married my husband, Richard Lopes of North Dighton, Massachusetts. I had dreams of being happy as any young girl until I found out he was an alcoholic. I watched a hardworking and loving man turn into someone I didn’t know. I joined families fighting alcohol abuse. Richard died in 1985 at forty-five years of age at the VA Hospital in Providence, Rhode Island.

Tragedy hit me hard when I watched my daughter, Lori, travel down the same path as her father. After three alcoholic rehabilitation stays, she died in 2006 at the Charlton Memorial Hospital in Fall River, Massachusetts. They are both put to rest at the St. Patrick Cemetery in Somerset, Massachusetts.

From these loses, I became an author to write about their lives. I wanted to share what we shouldn’t do with alcoholism in the family. So many things I would change today, especially the enabling.

I wrote the non-fiction What is and isn’t Working for the Alcoholic and Addict: In Their Own Words​. Thirty-four substance abusers told their stories with suffering and battling their disease, or as some call, their habit.
They are telling all of us, doctors, counselor, family, and society what they need from us to desire the help to get professional help.

I wanted to share my life and became a speaker with weak and shaky knees. There is a comfort reaching out to others.

I’m now writing my first fictional The Rusty Years: The Remembrance of Being Young. A publishes is now looking at the book with its sequel The Rusty Years; Secrets revealed. I wanted follows to see another side of me with fiction.

I teach three writers workshops Bring Your Manuscript to Publication, How to Self-Publish Your Own Book with Create Space, and Writing Memoirs. All handbooks were published on Amazon and Kindle. My link is above. My goal is to help writers work from the beginning to the end of publishing.

I’m a director, producer, and co-host to the NBTV-95 Cable TV show out of New Bedford, Massachusetts. I have written for the Cape Cod Today Blog for over six years.

I’m a “young” grandmother at heart with ten grandchildren between Al & I. We have three great-grandchildren with two others due in January of 2020.

I love people, especially reaching out to the substance abusers to give them hope and to realize they went down the wrong path but can come back.

My favorite thing, is people sending me emails at I would love to hear your story.
My books can be previewed​ and purchased at

Actual Testimonies in What is and isn’t Working

May 7, 2019

CS Book Cover  (new book cover on is and isn’t Working for the Alcoholic and Addict: In Their Own Words

Actual testimonies from the contributors of What is and isn’t Working for the Alcholic and Addicts: In Their Own Words”


Alberta Sequeira’s book is a valuable compilation which immerses you deeply within the delusional workings of the alcoholic and drug-addicted mindset. What better source of insight and understanding could there be than the thoughts and beliefs of those afflicted with the disease? Search no further.
There is none!
~Thomas M. Cirignano
Author of The Constant Outsider and 67 Cents

Addicts Statements:

Negotiating the ups and downs of the first few years of recovery contains​ numerous pitfalls which those in recovery must have the right kind of help with. The best-intention of friends, family, lovers, and co-workers can be healthy supports or obstacles to long-term sobriety. Having the addicts tell their story of what worked for them and what didn’t or doesn’t work would be a most helpful addition to the literature on the subject of addiction and recovery.
Addicts sharing their experience, strength, and hope with others is something that only a recovering addict or alcoholic can do.
It is a unique gift. ~John Daubney ~ Author, Mentor, and Retreat Leader

I was tired of getting sick, my hands shaking, my vision deteriorating, my nose bleeding, my bowels moving sporadically, not sleeping and feeling safe, along with the violence and running from many situations being paranoid to the point of staying home all day.

I would tell doctors and counselors to listen to us. We are drinking for a reason, but we can’t stop on our own. Help us to identify the reason we are drinking. What are we afraid of? What are we trying to hide, our insecurities, our short-comings? Maybe we just don’t like who we are sober and truly believe we are better people when we are drinking or using drugs. Most of all treat us as humans, not a disease.

It was very enjoyable to write this and take a look back at the journey to recovery! It helps a lot with letting go. The past does not define me anymore. It also reinforces the gratitude I have for sobriety.
~ Anonymous

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I’m free for talks. Email for a quote.

Thank You,
Alberta Sequeira
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Interview with Sheriff Thomas Hodgson​

May 5, 2019

The first 1/2 hour is my interview with Sheriff Thomas Hodgson. The last 1/2 is taken live during my talk to the women inmates at the Bristol County Jail in Dartmouth, Massachusetts. It’s a very educational talk with the pain I went through as a mother losing my daughter, Lori, and my husband, Richard.

I talk openly about what the substance abusers should look at honestly with continuing down the path of destruction or reaching out for help.

Alberta Sequeira

Reaching the Addicted

May 14, 2018


This is my interview with Sheriff Thomas Hodgson from The Bristol County Correctional office at 400 Faunce Corner, North Dartmouth, Massachusetts. The first half hour is about my life with the last half hour talking to the women inmates at the jail.

I can be reached at:
My website for the addicted with choices is:
For my writers and followers to become authors:

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Need a Speaker?

December 10, 2017



”The Effect of Alcoholism on the Whole Family”

* The devastating toll of alcoholism on the family
* The self-destruction of the addict
* For those looking for strength from their own alcoholic-driven problems
* The enabling
* Blackouts/physical and emotional abuse
* Denial
* Protecting the children
* Breakdowns
* Feelings of hopelessness
* Communication in the marriage
* Professional help
* Separation or divorce
* Ignoring the signs of teenage drinking
* Hidden emotional problems with the children
* Taking time to listen and communicate with your teen
* Giving complete support
* Being involved in their counseling, doctor’s appointments and recovery program

“My Spiritual Changes Within”

* Focus on relationships with our loved ones
* Strengthening your belief in your faith
* Tours to Medjugorje/spiritual renewals
* Alberta’s spiritual experience in Medjugorje
* The secrets Our Lady is giving the visionaries
* Description of the apparitions
* The importance of Confession
* Miracles all around us
* Awareness of God in our lives
* Alberta encourages us to examine our life
* Recognize the value of thankfulness
* Saying goodbye to our loved ones
* Renew the joy in life

”Where am I Heading?”
(School Program)

* The introduction to alcohol and drugs
* Signs of alcohol abuse
* Following the crowd
* Binge drinking
* Hereditary or a disease
* Habit, action, location, ​and friends
* Facing your family and school problems
* Recovery programs
* Breaking from the drinking and drug friends
* Getting on with life
* The reality of Cirrhosis of the Liver

**Alberta is willing to talk on any topic you may want for your event. She would love to discuss what would be the best fit. Please feel free to send questions to

Visit her website at

References from the Bristol Correction Office at Faunce Corner Road in North Dartmouth, MA:
1. Rui M. Lima, MA, MSW, LICSW, Director of Substance Abuse & Social Servies Programs & Treatment: Telephone: 508-995-6400 ext. 2821
2. Matthew Robitaille, Director of Classification and Programs​; Telephone: 508-995-6400 ext. 2504

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My books on alcohol abuse can be purchased at

Visit my Blog for Writers

October 6, 2017

New AWB Membership Picture

Authors Without Borders: Left to right, Joyce Keller Walsh, Alberta Sequeira, ​Willie Pleasants, and Pat Perry.

NB Book Festival

I started a blog for our group Authors Without Borders, which four of us are co-founders. We have members and all information about us is at Love to hear from you. Our main site is Learn who we are. Email us with any questions at

We’re in the process of thinking about podcasts. We have our own NBTV-95 Cable TV show out of New Bedford, MA where we interview authors and anyone in the publishing world.

Alberta Sequeira

Alberta's Younger Years

October 2, 2016

Lets start with my “real” younger years. Believe it or not, I am a twin. My brother came into the world before me..twenty minutes?
His name was Albert, named after our father. June 4, 2016, Albert died from lung cancer.

I’m the one with the stylish hat. I still love to dress up and look my best. I try to get woman to wear hats in church. I am told I still look stylish… even though I’m the only one.

I'm the stylish one with the hat.

Here is Albert sitting peacefully on top of me. He always wanted to win at everything. There’s the hat again. It must have brought me attention wearing one and Albert was trying to take my fame away.

Here we are in our playpen. Do any of you remember them? I’m on the left watching Albert probably getting attention from Mom. In those days, parents must have blessed those corrals. Can’t imagine running after two small babies going in two different directions from curiosity outside our enclosed area.

Here I am again on the right pouting while Albert is smiling. I probably got yelled at for something he did.

Look at the “old” carriage in the background. Wow, that was a long time ago.

Our Older Years

Albert & us
Albert on left, Alberta in the middle, and my husand, Al, on the right.

Alberta Sequeira


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