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What is and isn’t Working for the Alcoholic and Addict

December 11, 2017

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December 10, 2017


Substance Abuse Talks

Since 2007, a year after losing my daughter, Lori, I have been speaking at halfway homes, court-ordered programs, jails, substance abuse rehabs, to their families, schools, and to the public.

My heartwarming talks are reaching out to the alcohol and drug addicts. I want to help them believe in themselves, hold their heads up high, develop the desire to recover, to realize that no one is going to get them to sobriety but themselves. They need to hear someone say they can, so, here I go. “You can do it!” Believe it in your heart and think it in your mind. I teach them how and why to forgive. The importance of having God in their lives. They will never be alone. And most importantly, to never forget the one word: CHOICES! It’s a very powerful word. These are some of the topics that I cover. No blaming, no accusing, just giving them back their souls and remembering who they used to be.
References from the Bristol Correction Office at Faunce Corner Road in North Dartmouth, MA:
1. Rui M. Lima, MA, MSW, LICSW, Director of Substance Abuse & Social Servies Programs & Treatment: Telephone: 508-995-6400 ext. 2821
2. Matthew Robitaille, Director of Classification and Progams; Telephone: 5080995-6400 ext. 2504

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Spiritual Talks

I also talk to people on the spiritual side of life after stepping away from my faith after living fourteen years with an alcoholic husband and bringing my two daughters into a life of confusion, fear, and no security. Things I’m not proud of doing.

We think God leaves us when in reality it is us who closes the door on Him. We have to open our hearts for Him to enter.

My talk focuses on watching my father, retired Brigadier General, Albert L. Gramm, die of cancer. I realize I let a tremendous amount of history go with him after he had been one of the commanding officers in the 26th Yankee Division during WWII fighting in Metz, Lorraine, and the famous Battle of the Bulge..

Three miracles get me to take a ten-day pilgrimage to Medjugorje in Bosnia where Our Lady has been appearing to six visionaries since 1981. She is giving them 10 secrets to be revealed to the world when they receive them. Two visionaries have one more secret to receive. The trip changed my life. I came to realize that I not only needed God in my life, but I wanted Him there.

The story is in my memoir A Spiritual Renewal: A Journey to Medjugorje.

I speak at Churches of any religion, libraries, schools, private functions or any organization.

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My books on alcohol abuse can be purchased at

Is Faith Getting Weak?

November 28, 2017


With this modern world full of disasters, many have pushed faith and God out of their lives. They wonder why there are so many problems, especially the ones with no faith at all.

We think we can live without God until something tragic happens to us or with a family member. That’s when we get on our knees and pray for a miracle. If our prayers are not answered the way we want or when then we give up on Him. God answers us in His way and time. Maybe He has other plans for us.

Losing a loved one is the most painful thing to experience. When they are taken home to God, we don’t want to hear why. We just want them back. God gives us loved ones and then takes them home. We never know when He will knock on our door.

Hard and painful times is when our faith comes into play. We have to be silent and listen to​ prayer. Praying is just talking to God; nothing more. You don’t need a rosary or novena’s, although, they bring us so close to God.

In A Spiritual Renewal; A Journey to Medjugorje, I wrote this story from my personal experiences with miracles that happened to me before and when I traveled to Medjugorje. It’s for the reader who has lost their faith.

Since 1981, Our Blessed Mother has been appearing to six visionaries in Medjugorje in Bosnia, giving​ them ten secrets to be revealed to the world when they receive all of them.​ There are two visionaries left to receive one more secret.

How can we not believe when Our Lady is coming down from Heaven speaking directly to the visionaries to repeat to us how to return to her Son, Jesus ​before it’s too late?

This book is for anyone from any religion. Mary is calling all of us. Read about my ten-day pilgrimage to this little, remote town in Bosnia. Read the miracles that I experienced over there and how I returned back to Church after fifteen years being away.

Alberta​ Sequeira
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Bristol County Jail Talk

November 10, 2017

Wednesday, November 29th, I talked to the men and women inmates at the Bristol County Correction section in their jail. I wondered how many were struggling for sobriety like they were behind bars. I tried telling them how lucky they were to be there. Millions around the world would never have a chance to get professional help and they roam the streets going deeper into their addiction.

I was welcomed and kept their interest from the beginning to the end. It was a boost since the counselors said they don’t sit long listening to speakers.

In the women section, some sat with tears, while one left in the middle of​ my talk from hitting home. How I wished when my daughter, Lori, was alive that I had the knowledge to talk to her as I did with strangers facing me. God works in mysterious ways.

I’ve been asked to return now and then to keep them motivated. The system ordered 30 books of What is and isn’t Working for the Alcoholic and Addict. They lined up to take one. Out of 34 contributors telling their stories in the book, I hope one hits their lives they are leading.

It was a warm experience to see the hope in their eyes after my talk.


A Special Side Gift for Christmas

October 21, 2017

What is and isn’t Working for the Alcoholic and Addict

Yes, Christmas is around the corner. It’s a time to reach out to even your loved ones who are hooked on alcohol and drug abuse. Why not purchase What is and isn’t Working for the Alcoholic and Addict: In Their Own Words? It’s a book for counselors, family members, society, and substance abusers. You don’t have to talk to your sibling, son, daughter, husband, wife, or any other person. The thirty-four contributors tell you what they think works and don’t in their recovery.

It tells us what they need from family members; one suggestion is to stop the enabling. They want us to “LISTEN” to them; not yell, scream or lecture!
This is an honest book with emotions from the substance abusers. Out of thirty-four stories, one has to hit home. This is their lives, not mine. Losing Richard and Lori, I wanted to know what I missed to help them. This is a book you can give without explaining a thing to them.

Go to my Amazon site to order and look at the other two memoirs on addiction: Someone Stop This Merry-Go-Round: An Alcoholic Family in Crisis. Go behind closed door to a family with two daughters who lived in fear, confusion, ​and abuse. How to stop going deeper into their addiction.

The sequel: Please, God, Not Two: This Killer Called Alcoholism. Follow Lori as she goes down the same path as her father with addiction. The wrong crowd. Hiding events that happened to her in the past bringing her into depression. Developing being bulimic. How a family struggles after losing two loved ones. This book also contains my speeches behind closed doors to the addicted.
Visit: for her memoirs and Narrative Non-Fiction.

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Daily Encouragement

October 21, 2017

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Choices: The first step toward recovery from alcoholism is the recognition that a problem exists. Once the problem drinker breaks through denial and admits to having a problem, a range of treatment options become available.
JEFFREY S. NEVID, Health in the New Millennium

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October 6, 2017

NB Book Festival

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Alberta Sequeira