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Authors Without Borders Interview

January 25, 2017

Writer’s Event

January 21, 2017

Special Event
Authors Without Borders Presents:
You are invited to attend a fun and informative AWB program for writers and aspiring writers:

W hen: Saturday, April 22nd 2017

Noon to 3pm

Where: John P. McKeon AMVETS Post #146

4 Hill Top St.

Dorchester, MA (617) 436-2991

Easy access from the Southeast Expressway, free parking available.

This event includes buffet and beverages, mingling with other writers, handouts, and your choice of one of the following sessions:

(1) How to publish with CreateSpace by the successful author and trainer, Alberta Sequeira;
(2) How to promote your work on social media by best-selling novelist and book marketer, Steven Manchester;
(3) How to pitch your work—preparation and videotaping by author, T.V. host/producer/director, Willie Pleasants.

Each of these sessions is critical to writers at stages in the journey of their work.

· Special Guests authors Terri Arthur, on the international publishing of her book (Fatal Decision: Edith Cavell WWI Nurse), and Priscilla E. Flint-Banks, memoir writer (I Look Back and Wonder How I Got Over), radio host, social activist, and marketer.

· AWB members Pat Perry and Joyce Keller Walsh will be available to speak with guests individually about genre-writing, as well as other writing, publishing, and promoting topics.
Cost is $35 per person; $25 for AWB members) $40 the day of.

By reservation only. Limit of 70 attendees. Please RSVP by April 1st you’re your choice of session (617) 282-5984.

Payment in advance may be via PayPal on our website:


Drug Abuse & Heroin

January 2, 2017

National Rx Drug Abuse & Heroin Summit
April 17-20, 2017 | Atlanta

Law Enforcement Track Featured at National Summit!

On the frontlines in the nation’s battle against Rx drug and heroin abuse, law enforcement officials are tailoring their traditional and community policing techniques to fight the crimes specifically related to this epidemic. They also are taking on new roles in prevention and intervention of opioid abuse and overdoses. The Law Enforcement Track will feature real-world programs from the officers, prosecutors and partners who are implementing them. Two sessions will lay out the benefits and steps to building successful partnerships with public health and community organizations. A session devoted to pre-arrest diversion will showcase two programs that offer effective alternatives to incarceration in appropriate cases. The remaining sessions will cover PDMPs as investigative and probative tools, investigating and prosecuting drug-related homicides, and Rx drug diversion within a managed care organization.



Alberta Sequeira


Thought for the day!

December 23, 2016


“What I do today is very important because I’m exchanging a day of my life for it.”
Lynn Ramthun, Lohrville, Iowa


The Truth About Alcoholism

December 20, 2016


Alberta Sequeira


Getting out of Denial

April 2, 2016

man praying on hill

As an alcoholic, you will violate your standards quicker than you can lower them.
ROBIN WILLIAMS, Weapons of Self Destruction

Alberta Sequeira

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Who is Alberta Sequeira

December 14, 2015



I grew up with three brothers, Bill, Joe, and my twin brother, Albert, along with a sister, Leona, who is the oldest. We had a brother, Walter, who we called Butch, but he died of polio at seven years old, and at the time, I was only two so I didn’t have the blessing of knowing him, only through pictures. My parents took his death hard.

My childhood had been full of good memories. Having a twin brother, his buddies and my girlfriends, we would always group together to have fun with activities like: baseball, sledding, skating, bike riding, and walked numerous times to the ice-cream store. As teenagers with a car license, we rode to the city, where owners parked their cars along the streets for show, and had them shinning brighter than the sun. Guys carried their cigarettes rolled-up in their tee-shirts, wore loafers, and we played the great sixties music, until they wore out. When Elvis got married, he broke my heart!

I loved school for the social time looking for fun and making the kids laugh during study periods. As for the classes, I went because it was something we had to do to graduate. I look back now and realize how important and special those days were to all of us.

Our father, Albert L. Gramm, had been a retired Brigadier General in the Army. He fought in WWII as one of the commanding officers of the 26th Yankee Division and fought in some famous battles like Metz, Lorraine and The Battle of the Bulge. He died in 1990 at eighty years old in South Dennis, Massachusetts, down Cape Cod, from cancer and I let the wonderful military history of this great man, pass with him.

**Wrote about my life with him in A Spiritual Renewal (

Our mom, Sophie Gramm, had been a stay-at-home mom and greeted us each and every day coming home from school. Suppertime was “Family Time”, not as it is today. We laughed, talked about our school classes and friends and got to know each other. My mother died in 2007 at ninety-two years of age from a stroke, two months after my daughter, Lori’s death.

I met my first husband, Richard Lopes from North Dighton, MA, and we had two beautiful daughters, Debbie and Lori, four years apart. My dreams of a happy marriage ended after fourteen years of being an enabler…way too Richie with his drinking. We divorced, and he died in 1985 at forty-five years old from alcoholism.

**Wrote about our young years and the life of an alcoholic family behind closed doors in Someone Stop This Merry-Go-Round.

Years after losing Richie, I met and married, Al Sequeira, from Rochester, Massachusetts. I sold my home and moved with him. I loved the large farm house with a porch that encircled the whole front with ten acres. He had four grown children and we became very close as a family and we do not call our kids- stepchildren. They are all our sons and daughters. We have since moved to North Dartmouth, Massachusetts.

Al and I own a Time Share to make us go on vacation. We have gone to many places in the USA, but our thrill was going to Italy and Portugal in 2011. It had been like going back in time with the everyday living. We met Al’s relatives for the first time in a tiny village with only 12 families. It was wonderful. Family still had goats to walk up to the mountains, took care of beehives to make the honey, sheep, goats, fruit trees in all backyards to just pull them off and eat fresh. Vegetable, like potatoes, are all grown in the ground. I never saw a can of food anywhere. The old churches were kept and were breathtaking. Everyone looked healthy in their older years. I can’t imagine them living under stress like we do back home.

I became a four-time award winning author and speaker on alcohol and drug abuse. I teach three-hour workshops on “Bring Your Manuscript to Publication”, “How to Self-Publish Your Own Book with Create Space,” and “Writing Memoirs.” I published them in paperback and Kindle on Amazon.

I am also a director, producer and co-host to the New Bedford 95 Cable TV station. I also became a co-founder to Authors Without Borders with three other authors (


My enjoyment is coming to the end of my first fictional The Rusty Years, which will be in three books as a sequel. I want my followers to see a lighter side of me after writing about so much pain and loss.

My books are in paperback and Kindle at

Albeta Sequeira

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