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Alberta book signing!

November 11, 2016

NB Book Festival

I will be book signing at the Durfee High School, 360 Elsbree Street in Fall River, Massachusetts. Follow the crowd! I will only be their on Saturday (December 3rd) from 10am-4pm. I am at booth #86.

Remember Christmas is coming and a book added as a gift is a joy to someone!

All my paperback and handbooks will be $10.00

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Hopefully, my books will be like potato chips….you start on one and want to finish them all.  As always, I love reviews.

Alberta Sequeira


Addiction in any form.

October 22, 2016



Addiction can come in many forms, whether it be substance abuse, weight problems, cigarettes, to nail bitting. I’m sure I’ve left a ton of other habits out.

I want to talk today about cigarettes. Above is a picture of my twin brother, Albert. He looks healthy in the picture. Not today. I hate to put the picture up that I took of him at a rehabilitation center in Boynton Beach Florida a week ago. If I did post it, maybe it would scare the living hell out of smokers…or they would look at it and say…”Not me.”

My brother turned 75 years old last year in this picture. Maybe it’s because I love him, but he sure doesn’t look it. Today, suffering from lung cancer and fighting for his life, he looks old and deathly sick. He is showing his bones and can’t walk.

It broke my heart to no end losing my husband, Richie and my daughter, Lori to their alcohol abuse. Now I’m watching my dearest friend, my brother, suffering and I can’t do a thing to help him. Losing a brother is painful enough, but he is my twin. The memories throughout our lifetime growing up can’t be beat.

To show how addiction gets a hold of you or you think you can beat the odds, Albert had the first episode of lung cancer in 1990 and had a first time treatment of its kind at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. He was living in Stoughton, MA at the time.

A Japanese doctor completely cured him. They brought doctors from Japan to look at him and the treatment. Being cured was a gift, but Albert thought he was safe to continue. His voice was raspy and deep.

For 26 years he continued until it caught up to him. Now, he can’t talk above a whisper. I can’t count the times that I begged him to quit for just the reason that ended him fighting for his life.

For some reason, as humans, we think the terrible things we hear happens to others that it will not hit us. We feel we are in control of the problem. His remark to me one day was, “We all have to die somehow.” Looking at him in bed so sickly, I wonder if he wishes he had flushed those cigarettes down the toilet?

So to those who read this and are smoking, please, don’t say, “It won’t happen to me.” It takes years to have the demon attack you with your organs and shut them down. It could be cancer of the tongue, lungs, heart, kidneys, liver, gallbladder or other places. Don’t wait for it to happen and then you give them up. Do it NOW!

God didn’t make our bodies so that it needs smoke in it to survive. If you could see your insides with the damage you are doing to it, the black covering all over your organs, I wonder if you would still go on lighting up that cigarette.

Cigarette manufacturers know just what they are doing; like drug dealers passing out the heroine and other drugs to keep our kids and others doped up. It’s about money. Their money. You can drop dead tomorrow and they would not have an ounce of regret that you left your children behind, parents, husband or daughter.

Why can’t people live their lives without needing something to put them on a high or drown their mental problems by not getting help? Please, please, stop and think of what you are doing to yourself. Live the life God wanted you to live.

We are doing the same thing with the air with pollution. Yes, a different topic, but the same problem. “WE” are the ones who can stop the addiction to ourselves and our surroundings. Stop meeting the drug dealers on the corner, stop buying cigarettes that will kill you. It’s advertised on the package so take it seriously. It’s not a joke. The manufacturers put it on the package to save themselves….not you.

Keep Albert, and every person suffering with addiction in any form, in your prayers. We who don’t use think it is easy to stop, but not the addicted.

Alberta Sequeira

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The Demons

October 22, 2016


Life was full of hope when my husband and I said our marriage vows.

We didn’t realize that our years would soon come for us to part.

You answered our prayers, Lord, and gave us two loving daughters,

Four years separated but close in heart.

Our children grew up and made us proud of your creation.

As time passed, the demons fell upon our family formation.

The once happy, stay at home dad lost his way,

He walked from his family and kept us at bay.

The bottle was his friend that broke our unity,

No love or begging brought him back to reality.

My loving husband became a stranger,

As I watched the terrible disease put his life in danger.

There were bitter years when he walked out of our lives,

And he struggled to survive but lost his fight.

The demons had reached for this loving man,

And they made him blind to the telltale signs.

I gave him back to you God with tears and heartbreak

Knowing that I had lost him from the very start.

I struggled through the years with a painful, empty heart,

And I kept my daughters close so that we’d never part.

Life is unfair as the demons returned.

They were not happy with just my man.

They grabbed my daughter and tore her in two,

Separation from her children and family was something new.

She thought the bottle became her friend,

The same thinking her father had way back then.

Family and friends pleaded with prayer,

For her to see that the demons were there.

She entered three rehabs with hope and belief,

Thinking with each visit she’d be back on her feet.

The demons weakened her confidence and made her think

That there was no real harm in just another drink.

The years of counseling were pushed aside

And her dreams were washed away like a receding tide.

There were too many shared moments with friends to drink

And her traveling had her back on the road only to sink.

I gave her back to you God with tears and heartbreak,

Knowing I had lost her from the very start.

I pray Lord that she is at peace with her dad

And I can go on sleeping and stop being so sad.

Crush these demons and put them in hell,

So the alcoholics are released, free to get well.

Open their eyes to God’s presence and Our Lady’s

So they won’t feel alone when their strength is fading.


by Alberta H. Sequeira

In: Please, God, Not Two: This Killer Called Alcoholism



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Marijuana has passed

October 22, 2016

lori-water-raffing  Lori Cahill

You voted. Hopefully, I’m wrong and our new law doesn’t add to our drug and alcohol problems. I’m sure for those who want to get high will find the locations to supply their thrills.

I hope you remember Marijuana is another step closer to heavier drugs. None of us think bad things will happen to us. They occur with others. We think we are protected.

I thought the same with my daughter, Lori, drinking. It’s a stage. She’ll give it up. After three rehabs, she died. November 24, 2016, will mark ten years we have lost our beautiful daughter.

She thought taking the light smokes were just helping a happy time with her friends. She added the alcohol and who knows what else.

Lori, feared dying like her father. She was by his side at the VA Hospital in Providence, Rhode Island with cirrhosis of the liver when he died at forty-five years of age. She lost hers at thirty-nine.

I’m trying to open your eyes to addiction, whether drugs or alcohol abuse. Is it worth it? Do you need to take things into your body that will kill you? Are you that bored and desperate for friends that you have to follow the crowd?

If your actions are causing problems in your life and those around you, stop…………..think of it getting worse.

Alberta Sequeira



The End of 2016 is Nearing

October 3, 2016


Alberta at Tony's

Yes, 2016 has only a month and a half to go. I hope you, who are fighting with your addiction with alcohol or drugs, has finally come to the point of hating what you are doing and want to rebuild relationships and get healthy.

If you go to professionals by January 2017, you maybe on your way to going down a new and exciting path. I’m sure it will not come easy or fast, but it is possible. It’s not out of your reach.

Look at going too meetings to meet men and women who are serious about getting their lives together. To heal, you need people who understand to help you through your rough times, not friends who laugh wanting you to stay with them. After all, misery loves company.

Get the life God wanted you to have. Reach out to get your family back, a job, a car, your old, loving, trusting friends. If you lost your house, it’s okay. Get an apartment. I remember my father telling me so long ago, “A home is where you make it.” How I miss him.

Who cares if you don’t get back all the “unnecessary” thing you thought were important or things to impress others. Family is the greatest thing on earth to have. Don’t let time go by and you become to sick to achieve your goal.


Purchase my books at  from Amazon.  Hopefully, one of my books will be like a potato chip….you start on one and want to finish them all. I love reviews from readers on Amazon!

Alberta Sequeira:



Dangers of Underage Drinking and Driving: Jacqui’s Story

September 23, 2016

Alberta Sequeira

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A New Day

August 28, 2016


Only you can make the decision to recover. Only you can stop the cycle of drinking or taking drugs.

Alberta Sequeira

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