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Who is Alberta Sequeira

December 14, 2015


I feel as if I’m like any ordinary woman. As a teenager, my dreams were like anyones with wanting a marriage with a man crazy about me and having five children. A bonus with a home surrounded by that white picket fence would have been the frosting on the cake.

Sometimes, our dreams and wants don’t come the way we wanted them. I thought my husband was a kind, gentle, loving person. I know he was ambitious when we met while his buddies were running around looking for girls, he was going to school in Boston to take up electronics. He started his own television repair shop in North Dighton, Massachusetts when we married.

God blessed us with two beautiful daughters, Debbie and Lori, four years apart. What more could I have wanted? I had it all.

But love is blind. It’s not just a saying. I saw Richie drinking with his buddies numerous times and believed my girlfriend that boys did that to look macho….or I wanted to believe it.

After five years of marriage and Debbie’s birth, our lives turned upside down with fear, confusion, insecurities and abuse, when Richie stayed out night after night after working drinking with friends at the bar next door to his job. Lori came into our lives and by then the drinking had Richie in blackouts.

I was young and ignored reaching out for help from family or professionals because I had been embarrassed for them to see me staying with him. So his addiction went deeper until I divorced a man I loved. He died at forty-five years of age from cirrhosis of the liver.

The demons returned and captured Lori as a teenager and by thirty-seven, she was going into rehabs for two years, she lost her fight. At thirty-nine, she was put to rest with her dad.

Addiction isn’t a disease you let go by thinking “It’s a stage; I can give it up anytime,” etc. As soon as you see substance abuse is becoming a problem, you jump on it with professional help. If your child is under eighteen, put them into a center to get help, even if they scream hating you. Better they do, but they will be alive.

I took my pain and published Someone Stop This Merry-Go-Round; An Alcoholic Family in Crisis, opening up about my mistakes with how I handled alcohol abuse in our family. After Richie’s death and Lori’s, I wrote the sequel Please, God, Not Two; This Killer Called Alcoholism about Lori’s struggle and her death.

I wanted to know how an alcoholic or a drug addict felt emotionally struggling and wanting to give their habit up. What did I miss? What could I have done? So I reached out to 34 substance abusers with alcohol, drugs and prescriptions to find out with their stories in my Narrative Non-Fiction What is and isn’t Working for the Alcoholics and Addicts; In Their Own Words.

I talk behind closed doors at halfway homes, substance abuse rehabilitation centers, court-ordered programs and to the public when asked. Does it all help me? It’s not about me. I want to help someone like Richie and Lori to first learn to love themselves again and fight for their lives. To learn that they are not bad. They got lost in the wrong crowd and turned to numb themselves instead of dealing with problems.

God sends us on paths we are unfamiliar with or dream we’d be traveling on with His guide to helping others.

I hope, if you are suffering like our family had or lost someone, take the time to read my books. What is and isn’t Working for the Alcoholic is a tremendous help to the addicted and their families. You get right into the mindset of the addicted.

Alberta Sequeira

My books are in paperback and Kindle at

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