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Loss of Confidence from the Alcoholic or addict

December 14, 2015


Substance abuse makes every member of the family feel the guilt. Parents loss the desire to find ways to help our loved one drowning in their habit, heading toward death. We say things we really don’t mean because we fear losing them. If they die from their addiction, we live with guilt until our own death.

The sibling gets confused with guilt on how to help their brother/sister. Some go as far as getting into the gang who are alcoholic or drug users trying to understand why they are doing the things that are killing them.

The substance abuser lives with guilt from wanting to quit and going back to it. They see the disappointed looks in their parents and carry guilt over hurting them. They get angry that their siblings are not involved in using and think they are above them.

This circle goes around and around with no answers. Everyone is left mentally and physically sick. It is a family disease. Each and everyone of us needs professional help separately and together.

Not doing it together doesn’t give the drinker or non-drinker a voice on what they need to survive. We need to hear what the other one wants or needs to pull through this nightmare.

That’s why I had 34 alcoholic and drug users give their stories on all these topics in What is and isn’t Working for the Alcoholic or Addict.

Alberta Sequeira

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