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What scares you of being sober?

December 14, 2015


Why are you scared? Name one good healthy thing that’s good with addiction, besides using it as a crutch for something.

What frightens you? Is it because it’s hard work? Do you think too much is expected of you? Stop trying to be someone else. Be yourself. Are you afraid of failure? Who isn’t? So you fail. You get up again. If it was easy to reach a goal, everyone would do it.

Do you miss your family? They are waiting for you to come to them. You left a gap in their lives. You are loved more than you realize. Remember always that it’s not you they hate; it’s the alcohol and drug abuse that has a hold on you. They don’t know how to help you. Join together as a family with a counselor. Get your hurts and pain out.

Afraid of being sober? At least you will be aware of what is happening in your life and being in control of it. Life is not easy even being sober. It’s what we want and how we go for it.

Can’t handle emotions? Crying, whether with men or women, is healthy. That’s why God gave them to us. It releases stress holding us back and heals our souls. Crying gives us the relief to go on trying.

What is the worse that can happen to you being sober? Lost family? Prove you will be healthy and they may surprise you. This is a family disease. It affects all members. Even the sober ones are mentally and physically sick. Lean on each other.

Can’t forgive? Why? Holding in the resentments, holds you from recovery. Anyone who hurt you was more sick than you. Holding onto not forgiving is useless. Why? They may not even know you are mad at them, or if they do, they don’t care. Why keep yourself in a confused life with addiction over them. Let go and let God handle the situation. Holding hate and resentment is another sickness. Don’t add to your drinking and drug problems.

Worry Get professional counseling..for you. Stay away from your friends who use..for you. Stay as far away from the drug dealer..for you. This is the time to do every action to recovery…for you. Forget pleasing the family, impressing friends, going because the court ordered it. Do it for you!

Open your heart and ears and listen to the doctors and counselors who care. Don’t fight their help. Take the blinders off and see who you became and fight to get you back. Being hook on addiction doesn’t make you a bad person. A high percentage of us go down the wrong path with the wrong crowd.

You don’t need to “fit in.” You need to find who you are and be happy being you.

Last of all; turn back to God. He will always be there for you no matter how often you fail or fall. He will love you no matter who you became. It’s us who close our hearts to Him. He sits and waits for us to return since he gave us a free will to choose our life. He gives us choices.

Alberta Sequeira

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