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Who holds the key?

March 26, 2017


How many alcoholics and drug users realize they, and only they, hold the key to freedom? I remember my husband, Richie, and my daughter, Lori, blaming everyone in sight for their addiction. Parents became smothering, when they were really living in fear of losing their family member from their abuse with drugs or alcohol. If I could have jumped into their bodies to do the work, I would have, and I know that is a statement that is impossible.

So many of us have to suffer through decisions and make wrong choices. The older we get, we look back and say if only I had handled a certain problem differently. What a great outcome I could have had, before I lost friends, family, children, my job, or car.

They never seem to listen to the professionals or loving parents who care for their safety or health. The users cling to the other addicts thinking they are their friends who understand them, the the bottle and pills are their friends.

This worldwide problem is taking so many loved ones away from us, and we are burying too many of them. No one thinks it can happen to us. A dear friend told me to prepare myself with the possibility of Lori dying, and I was upset. Lori was sick, but she wasn’t going to die from the drinking. She’ll pull through. That happens to others. I read about the substance abusers dying daily in newspapers, heard it on the radio, saw it on television or went to funerals of the families burying their loved one who fought for years to recover and loss.

I lost my husband, Richie, and never accepted that it could happen to Lori. Twenty-one years later, Lori was put to rest alongside her father.

It takes more of a person to say they need help, than one who does nothing to recover.

Alberta Sequeira

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