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Families losing the Addicted

March 26, 2017

Debbie and Mom Alberta on left and Debbie

lori-water-raffing Lori

Here is a picture of myself and my only daughter, Debbie, after losing Lori from her addiction. We look as happy as any family in this picture; and we are.

But the gap with losing Lori leaves Debbie a single sibling. The two of them were so close. What is it they say, “Life goes on.” It’s shocking to us that last November 22nd had been ten years that Lori passed.

How many families are going through the same pain, yet pushing ourselves to live our lives with the addicted gone; cut out of the family with no future pictures taken with them?

I only hope someone having an alcohol or drug problem fights with every ounce of strength and prayers to God to get on their feet and leave that nightmare of a life. Turn to the professionals with an open heart. They are there to help you.

Alberta Sequeira


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