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Finding Hope for the Family/Alcoholic/Drug User

May 27, 2017

alcohol awareness

Substance Abuse is not only making the abuser suffer from the disease or habit, but the family. I want to start with the family. We have to stop enabling. Enabling only brings the alcoholic or drug user deeper into their use. If we allow our loved ones to go on with no limits from the family on what we will take, the substance abusers goes their way with following their routine. Someone has to get off that merry-go-round. Someone has to wake up the drinker.

For the substance abuser: We love you and want to help. Before we can do that, you have to develop the desire to want to stop your behavior that is slowly killing you. You are the one who needs to talk to professionals who understand what you are going through, because family runs on emotions. Emotions keep us from stepping away from the problem and seeing solutions.

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Alberta Sequeira


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