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Read what the reality is living in a substance abuse family. Love and devotion is transformed into insecurity, fear, struggles, abuse and silent enabling to protect the ones we love. There is sadness as to how we watch a family member or friend heading down the road of death, and our love and support can’t stop the disaster from this demon.

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This book contains the testimonies of individuals who were or are actively in a recovery program and wanted to share their habit and actions with their struggles trying to overcome their own addiction. These are their own stories on how their addiction led to the devastation of losing control of their life, family, friends and the death of other family members from this disease we call alcoholism. Hopefully, the heartfelt honesty from the participants will help doctors and counselors to use their stories for their own study on what may be missing in the treatment methods.

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A Spiritual Renewal is a beautiful story which follows the author’s inner thoughts and intense emotions. We sympathize as she fights the prognosis of her father’s cancer and learns too late about his remarkable life. She develops a spiritual renewal and demonstrates its powerful lessons.

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