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Are your employees having too many absent days from alcohol abuse? You’re not alone. This is a worldwide problem that affects every business; police/fire departments, hospital employees, doctors and nurses, schools, attorneys, town employees, and even our military servicemen and women. 
The program is designed to help the substance abusers in your employment come to realize the full effect of their addiction on the whole family and/or marriages, depression, health issues, and the possibility of losing their jobs. It’s aimed to reduce turnover and absenteeism and give back a higher employee productivity in their position within the company. 
The talk is geared to help substance abusers identify and resolve issues facing their troubled lives in and out of the workplace. The impact of employees struggling with alcohol and drug abuse have to deal with a wide range of issues confronting workers today. Thehour-long talk is customized to your unique hours of business during the day (7am-5pm). This program will be presented to your employees struggling with their addiction. If a client wants an hour for those working other shifts to have the presentation on the same day, a $500 deduction will be given on the second.  Prices will differ by distance and out of state travel. 

Instructor: Alberta Sequeira is a professional speaker who shares her experience reaching out to numerous substance abusers and family members with the dangers of the alcoholic and drug addict’s habit and actions. Alberta lost her husband, Richard Lopes, and her daughter, Lori Cahill, of North Dighton, Massachusetts from their addiction to alcohol and drug abuse. Richard Lopes was the brother of Gilbert (Sonny) Lopes, who was the owner of Lopes Construction on Winthrop Street in Taunton, MA. 
She has presented programs to halfway homes, substance abuse rehabilitation centers, court-ordered programs, jails, community colleges, universities, and to the public. Ms. Sequeira has an outlook that some alcoholics relate to a speaker who has experienced confronting the confusion, fear, enabling, and abuse in the family.  

Topics to be Covered: 1. Family Background with Alcohol Abuse 2. Conflicts within the family 3. Drinking Friends/Accidents/Life Out-of-Control 4. Getting out of Denial 5. Fear and Confusion for the Children 6. The Dangers of Black Outs and Abusive Behavior 7. Separation in the Marriage and restraining orders 8. Damage in Health 9. Entering an Alcoholic Rehabilitation Center 10. Patient Privacy Act 11. Relapse 12. Living with the Disease/Exposed to the Liquor Environment 13. The Higher Power 14. Importance with attending AA Meetings, Counseling and Sponsors 15. Getting out of Denial 16. Your Higher Power 

PUBLISHED BOOKS WILL BE AVAILABLE: Autographed Books will be available: Someone Stop This Merry-Go-Round; An Alcoholic Family in Crisis, it’s sequel, Please, God, Not Two: This Killer Called Alcoholism, and the conclusion a Narrative Nonfiction: The Mindset of an Alcoholic and Addict: 34 Americans and Canadians Share their Struggle with Alcohol and Drugs (This book is searching for a publisher). They are available http://www.amazon.com/author/albertasequeira 
Contact: Alberta Sequeira at: alberta.sequeira@gmail.com 

Cut along dotted line and mail in with payment. Keep a copy of the Agreement.



Client agrees to send payment by company check or mail order, sent to Alberta Sequeira two weeks before the event date for an hour speaking engagement. This fee is exclusive of airfare, travel, and hotel accommodations (Reputable). Travel expenses are an additional charge.

A location that is in a 25-mile radius will not be charged a travel fee. Out-of-state seminars will be negotiated for pricing on a case by case basis. Ms. Sequeira is available to discuss your needs with the program by telephone or in person.

Fee: $2,500/an hour speaking engagement/ No charge to stay longer to answer questions/second shift presentation (on the same day), a $500 deduction. If a client cancels the program for any reason within one week of the scheduled date, no refund will be provided, although, another date can be rescheduled. 
Alberta H. Sequeira grants the client the right to videotape all parts of the seminar presentation to use for educational or marketing purposes. This tape can’t be sold outside of the event to other locations. If a client chooses to make such tapes, they shall provide a video master of any taped presentation to Alberta H. Sequeira within 10 days of the aforementioned event. Alberta H. Sequeira will be available for book signing after the presentation.
It would be helpful if a client could provide a person to assist Alberta Sequeira with the handling of her book sale (if she does not have her assistant) after her program, so that she’s available to speak with the employees. Alberta Sequeira will arrive the day before your event, if it’s a long distant travel event or out-of-state so that no travel delay will interfere with the presentation. In the case of an unforeseen emergency (by Ms. Sequeira or Client) or travel delay (extreme bad weather, air flight cancelation) that prevents her from attending, she will hold the paid fee for a future date to be scheduled by the client. 

Agreed and Accepted by:

Client: Company/association___________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________________

Any Special Instructions or Location: ________________________________________________________________________________

Signature of Client Representative: _______________________________________

Date: _______________________

Total Price: ___________________  

Mail check and the original signed Agreement sent two weeks before event
Alberta Sequeira
11 Midway Park Drive #316
Dartmouth, MA 02747
Telephone: 508-938-5322
Email: alberta.sequeira@gmail.com

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