Endorsements from Women and Men Inmates
Bristol County Corrections in Dartmouth, MA. Names were not to be given.

Thank You so much. May God always bless you and everyone else you hold close to your heart. ~ Jargo Ortiz

Very touching. Touched home. Almost cried. ~ Anonymous

Mrs. Sequeira was very clear and impacted my mental and recovery for the better and can relate to her whole story and especially the things at home she went through with family. ~ Anonymous

Came late but from what I heard, her message at the end was good. ~Anonymous

I thought the presentation was great. Her words hit me in the heart and made me take a long hard look at my own situation. Thank you for sharing your experience. ~ Anonymous

She is well spoken and hit home. ~ Anonymous

It was an amazing presentation and a good speech. Thank You! ~ Anonymous

It was a pleasure. Thanks for coming. ~ Anonymous

It was a pleasure to hear about these things from a mother/wife perspective. ~ Anonymous

I felt that she did an awesome job. I shared in her pain. It’s impressive how she had dealt with the loss of both a husband and daughter and turned their deaths into a positive thing. ~ Anonymous

I really enjoyed the presentation. My father and uncle were both alcoholics. So, I could empathize with her story. They both died from the disease. ~ Anonymous

It takes courage to speak in front of a group of strangers in a correctional facility setting. I could relate to Alberta’s story in many ways, and I’m grateful for hearing her speak. ~ Anonymous

I think her story was real and had an impact on people that suffer from the same problem with their lives. I learned a few things from her book What is and isn’t Working for the Alcoholic and Addict. ~ Anonymous

Thank you for coming. It meant a lot that you still care for us after all you have been through. You’re truly appreciated. ~ Anonymous

Thank you for coming. I really appreciated your time and story, and that you still care for us. God Bless. ~ Anonymous

She is very inspiring with her story and well spoken. I am currently reading What is and isn’t Working for the Alcoholic and Addict. I’ll remember her word to not forget…”Choices.” ~ Anonymous

I thought it was very informative and a nice change of pace. It made me think how many other people are going through this; the same struggles and also how many people and generations are affected by our addiction. ~ Anonymous

I found her book What is and isn’t Working for the Alcoholic and Addict very stimulating and took her points as fact. ~ Anonymous

She is inspirational and helped me. ~ Person signed but could not reach his signature.


I read your books and not only are they interesting and on point they’re compassionate. Due to your experiences you write with passion and are guided by the feelings in your heart. More authors would be lucky to have your insight and kindness. I haven’t been with the Veterans Transition House for some time due to personal difficulties but I’m looking forward to calling the Director and Program Director soon. It would be great just to talk to them. They’re genuine persons and I’m lucky to call them friends.

I know you have that nagging call-to-action Alberta. It’s who you are! I pray that you find the way. Eddy As far as others reading your books, I don’t know. I do know this however, you have a powerful and therapeutic message that needs to be heard. Please don’t stop your journey; a struggling person’s life may be saved.


Don Hayward
5:02 PM (1/15/17)

My name is Don C Hayward and I speak as an alcoholic with 52 years in AA and 42 years without a mind altering substance other than for surgery.
I have been carrying the message of AA inside the walls at Bristol, Norfolk and Barnstable County off and on for 20 years.

I applaud your in depth understanding of the need for modification of the privacy laws that keep addicts out of mandatory treatment facilities and other lockdown alternatives that save lives on a regular basis. The other tragedy is that programs that actually do work such as military style boot camps that were in Bridgewater have been defunded primarily due to liberal government in this state.

Thank you for your contribution to the culture of reality in drug and alcohol addiction/abuse.

Endorsements for Create Space Workshop

Attendee: “Your workshop was fantastic yesterday!!
Attendee: “The information was priceless about how to use CreateSpace for my next book. I hope other libraries will be calling.”
Attendee: “Alberta Sequeira’s workshop on how to use CreateSpace was fantastic and priceless.”
Kelly A. (Mello) Brodeur: Alberta Sequeira is a wonderful author who pays attention to detail and can tell a compelling story. I had the pleasure of not only taking her writing workshop at Lakeville Public Library, but interviewing her for an article I wrote as well. Working with her was insightful.
Endorsements for Speaking Engagements

Alberta generally writes of what is most familiar to her, she conveys emotion so powerfully through her words that it is impossible not to identify and empathize with her or her characters. She can bring forth tears from a stone, joy from grief, and hope from the darkness. I respect and admire her passion, her drive to publish and successfully market her first book, and her willingness to teach and share her experiences with others. It was a pleasure to hear Alberta talk about her book, A Spiritual Renewal: A Journey to Medjugorje. ~ Darcie Roy, Writer and Editor

Ms. Sequeira shared her story of losing her husband and especially her daughter, Lori, at the “Joy of Providence prayer breakfast” at the Providence Marriott Hotel in Rhode Island. We are the Magnificat, a Catholic Women’s Ministry of Providence. Her speech was beautiful, powerful and a moving story that touched so many of us today. Louise, Margo, Pat, Arlene and Midge ~ The Magnificat Service Team

Ms. Sequeira is a very inspiring speaker, who shared her heartfelt and painful journey of faith and renewal as she dealt with the overwhelming and disastrous effects of alcoholism on her whole family. Alberta was a featured speaker at our Magnificat, “Joy of Boston prayer Breakfast.” We are an international interdenominational Catholic Ministry. Ms. Sequeira was recommended to us by the Rhode Island Chapter of the Magnificat after she had spoken at their location. ~ Patricia J. Waterman, Medway, MA.

Alberta’s faith and family support, especially from her husband, Al, gives her the strength to not only write to educate readers but she has become a public speaker about this terrifying, deadly disease. Alberta and her immediate and extended family believe that communication, and knowledge about this disease, persistency and love are essential in the fight against alcoholism. ~ Cheryl A. Heindrichs

Alberta Sequeira spoke at my event “Storytelling at Tea” at the University of Massachusetts in Boston, MA. The class had been facilitated by myself. Alberta, an invited speaker, talked about her journey and her memoirs living in an alcoholic family. She was well received by everyone that attended. The participants had plenty of questions and comments about her books and her experiences. A quote from one of the participants, “Thank you for coming an sharing with us. It must have been hard for you to write your books.” ~ Willie Wideman Pleasant, author, speaker, (director, producer and co-host to “Willie’s Web” cable TV show in Boston and the NBTV-95 Cable TV in New Bedford.

Author and speaker, Alberta Sequeira, has inspired writer’s across Massachusetts and can be a fountain of advice for those who love books. ~ Kelly A. Mello, Lakeville Call Newspaper

Reviews from Books on Amazon

I’m a recovering alcoholic with a couple decades of 24 hour periods strung together. It’s not often we alcoholics get to see the damage from the loved one’s position as I did in Someone Stop This Merry-Go-Round: An Alcoholic Family in Crisis. ~ John Castelot, WMS, Northeast Planning Associates, Inc.

My Master’s in Counseling Degree covered a huge portion on substance abuse counseling. I found that I learned a great deal more by reading this story, than I did in reading textbooks. Someone Stop This Merry-Go-Round: An Alcoholic Family in Crisis is a must read for counselors, alcoholics and family members of alcoholics. ~ Page Lovitt from Reader Views

Please, God, Not Two: This Killer Called Alcoholism works as a stand-alone, however I recommend you read it and the prequel together to obtain full effect of this poignant story in Someone Stop This Merry-Go-Round: An Alcoholic Family in Crisis. This is a candid look into alcoholism. Sequeira makes no excuses for herself or for her daughter. She writes with the best of intentions—to help others struggling to save a family member caught in the relentless grip of this disease. The information is well presented and Sequeira’s experiences are described with a desperate honesty that will have you reaching for tissues in many scenes. Highly recommended. ~ William R. Potter for Reader’s Choice Book Review
Review for Authors Without Border’s Talk
Dear Alberta, Joyce, Pat, and Willie!!

What a complete delight it was to meet each and all of you and to have a chance to get acquainted with your amazing collective, ‘Authors without Borders!’ I am in awe of all you — individually and together. What a glorious, inspiring force for creativity you are for our Southcoast community and beyond!

Thank you so much for joining Pat and me for dinner at Marguerite’s in Westport, MA. I speak for all present at Knit Lit tonight when I offered huge appreciation for your time and for the captivating stories you shared with us. As I said, a collaborative and supportive spirit infuses your presence, it is palpable and a pleasure to bask in, as we all had the privilege to do this evening.

I hope our paths cross again soon. I know that my knitter/readers would be very interested in notification of any of your appearances, workshops new titles, etc., so, please do keep us in your loop!

Again, I am grateful to all of you for your willingness to come out on a very cold night to share your formidable talents with us at Sisters of the Wool.  You made real magic happen for each and every one of us!!

With warmest regards and best wishes,

Maureen, Knit Lit (knitter/reader group)


Contact Alberta Sequeira for workshops and talks at alberta.sequeira@gmail.com.
Visit her sites: www.albertasequeira.wordpress.com and www.albertasequeira.org

Authors Without Borders can be reached at 6authors@awb6.com.
Visit their site at www.awb6.com

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