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Patient Privacy Act

Al & Alberta
My husband Al and I are trying to “Modify” the Patient Privacy Act.

Modify the Patient Privacy Act
Petition by Alberta Sequeira

To be delivered to President Barack Obama

We believe that the substance abuse patient should have the “right to privacy,” but as the law stands now, it can actually be detrimental to their health and well being. Our intent is not so much to change the Patient Privacy Act, as to modify it, especially where it not only pertains to alcohol abuse patients, but also in the case of drug abusers and mental health patients.
Families of patients are prevented from obtaining access to information that may help them to aid in the recovery of the patient when a physician determines that the patient may be in a life-threatening situation because of their addiction.

We currently have 31 signatures and need 50. If you believe in our efforts, please go to the link below and sign.

Thank You!

Al/Alberta Sequeira

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